Czechmaster Kits (CMK)


1:72 & 1:48
Better known for their resin accessories and the Star Dust weathering powders,CMK are about to launch a new series of decal sheets. The first sheets will deal with the Curtiss P-40Cs of the AVG ‘Flying Tigers’ (#SD72001 and SD48001). The range will be within the Star Dust brand name and are printed by Aviaprint. CMK say that the range will be expanded over the coming months, so we will keep you posted as and when we hear updates.

The 1:48 sheet is identical to the 1:72 version for the options it offers



No sooner do we get a kit that out come the accessories, so with the F-16CJ now on the market CMK have produced a resin interior set (#5006/£11.45) for it [see ] an armament set (#5007/£10.40) [see ] and an undercarriage set (#5008/£10.40) [see ] . Also released by CMK in this scale is an armament set for the Revell He 162 kit (#5012/£8.50) [see ].

In this scale CMK have produced two new figures for aircraft modelers. The first is Adolf Galland (F8146/£6.70) and the other is of RAF Ace O. Smik (#F8148/£6.60).




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