Hannants have just announced that they intend to produce a new decal sheet in the next few weeks specifically for the Hasegawa Lancaster kit. It will be entitled ‘Post War Lancasters Pt.1′ (#X72061) and will offer the follow schemes.
· RE186, L·H from the School of Maritime Reconnaissance, RAF St Mawgan in 1956 [overall Dark Sea Grey]
· RF289, BS·G, No.120 Squadron, RAF Kinloss, 1951 [Dark Sea Grey & White]
· TW657, TL·C, No.85 Squadron during a tour of the USA in 1946 [White and Black ‘Tiger Force’ markings]
· 25.F.5, Flotille 25, French Navy based at Lann-Bihoue, France in 1958 [Dark Blue overall]
· 103/N, SAR (Secreteriat General de l’Aviation Civile et Commericiale), North Africa in 1959 [Dark Blue overall]
Keep checking the Hannants website( www.hannants.co.uk ) for announcement of this sheets actual release.



THE BELOW SHEETS ARE NOW BOTH AVAILABLE FROM HANNANTS – Visit http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=X72059 and http://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?FULL=X72060 for more details.

Always one to cover the subjects that we Brits love to see, Hannants have been none too shy here and have announced two new sheets for the Airfix TSR.2 that should be out slightly before the kit later this year. They offer ‘what if?’ schemes for the type and are as follows

X72059 TSR.2 As it might have been Pt 1 £8.99
XS668 40 Sqn RAF Coningsby 1968 (40 Sqn was slated to be the first squadron to operate the TSR.2); XS992 45 Sqn RAF Akrotiri 1971; XR227 Empire Test Pilot School raspberry ripple scheme; XS947 13 Sqn RAF Wyton 1972; XS990 617 Sqd RAF Waddington 1979; CF-109 109034 421 Sqn 1 Canadian Air Group West Germany 1983; No 403 24 Sqn S.A.A.F Waterkloof 1977; N802A (ex XR225) NASA Flight Research Center Edwards AFB 1969; 72-0493 493 TFS/48 TFW Op Eldorado Canyon RAF Lakenheath 1986

X72060 TSR.2 As it might have been Pt 2 £8.99
XS949 45 Sqn RAF Little Snoring 1970; XS978/BA 2 Sqn `Bad Attitude/Hello Sadam’ Operation Granby 1991 overall desert pink; XS954 237 OCU (17R Sqn) RAF Coningby 1972; XS983 16 Sqn 1915-1995 Saint Anniversary RAF Scampton 1995; 24-05 JBG 33 Federal German Luftwaffe Buchel 1981; 24+37 MFG 1 Bundesmarine, Schleswig-Jagel 1985; Canadair CF-109 109023 409 Sqn RCAF Northwest Territories 1979; A8-27 1 Sqn RAAF Amberley NSW 1980 £8.99


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