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You can subscribe to Model Airplane International Magazine in both traditional printed and digital media formats for all popular platforms including Android and iPhone/iPad

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11 Responses to Model Airplane International Subscription Options

  1. Howard Odendaal says:

    Your website is not working. I cannot renew my airplaneinternational, as the link goes to model military international!!!!

  2. Hello
    I am trying to renew my print subscrition to MAI but when I choose the right option I see the renew for Model Military International. Is there a problem ? Thank you very mich

  3. Peter Gaut says:

    Recently I took out a subscription to Model Airplane International , and have it mailed to me monthly in Australia . Thanks for a great magazine ..that always is interesting and informative in it’s content

    However the last issue ( with the Sunderland , Me 410 and F14 ) was damaged due to water.
    That is the first time ever I have received a magazine in the post that was all tattered by the time its got to me..none too impressed

    Maybe use plastic envelopes or some form of waterproofing

    For what I have paid I would expect better

    I am a current member of IPMS Australia

    Ok.. Just my five cents worth


  4. H. Krul says:

    Got the message that my subscription runs out.
    But I only can tick the UK subscription for £41 in your website.
    Where is the international (Europe £54) possibility to renew?.
    Hope this is temporarily missing as I used the paypal connection for several years
    And if not indeed the subscription runs out.

    Subscriber since the first issues.

    • admin says:

      Hi Harry
      Please just proceed with the £41 because when you check out the extra amount for the European subscription is added after paypal sees your location – hope that makes sense!

  5. H. Krul says:

    Hello Alan,

    It worked this time and I see forward the next 12 months reading MAI



    Hi Harry

    When you go through to pay paypal sees the country you are in and adds the correct amount for postage, let me know if you subscribe and I’ll double check it is right.
    Alan Harman

  6. Andras Dobias says:


    I wanted to order the Model Airplane International magazine current issue on your new website two weeks ago, but I couldn’t. (The current issue was “pre-order the next issue” at that time). I could do the all order, I went to the Paypal and I paid, but on my Palpal account nothing happened. On your old website I could order simply this magazine.
    Please, help me that I can receive my favourite magazine.


    • admin says:

      Hi Andras
      Sorry that we have confused you and seem to have made this difficult, I am also sorry I do not understand exactly the problem? We have a current issue button and a pre-order the next issue button. When you messaged us current issue was 92 and pre-order was 93 although we are soon to update. Any problem let me know and I can help:

  7. Ian says:

    trying to take advantage of the easter sale to order a digital subscription to Model Airplane International. When I click all the links that take me to pocketmags site, from either hyperscale or the ADH website, Model Airplane International does not appear with the 20% discount.
    Also, your links to pocketmags and google play on this page (ADH MAI sub options) take me to the Model Military International pages of those sites (going by the post above, it seems to be a common problem)
    Anyway that I can get the discount before midnight UK time?

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